Rather than offer a high amount of a few trace minerals via mineral blocks, Ultra-Kelp TM offers every mineral the earth provides in a specific balance that works properly.  Building the immune system starts with a good mineral base.  Probably some of the best money you can spend is on good minerals. 

Proven -  Easily Assimilated

Leading Dairymen credit Ultra-Kelp TM as a production booster.  The proof comes in the production and health of their herds that show maked differences on a seaweed diet.  Sheep, goat, and bison producers love our product and continue to order.


  • Enhances livestock nutrition at minimal cost

  • Essential source of macro and micro nutrients

  • Let Ultra-Kelp TM compliment your standard feed program

  • Tonne rates our specialty for large scale operations

Seaweed - Used for Centuries Around The World!

Missing Ewe Ranch, Merritt, B.C.

Blue Star Ranch, Princeton
An Oldy But Goody..."
Testimonial:  May 19, 1996

When we bought our Angora Goats from Blue Star Ranch, Hildi Klein strongly recommended using Ultra-Kelp TM.  As she had been raising Angora goats for some time we listened to her advice.  We benefited both with our goats and also with our Rambouillet sheep.  
This year we had a 200% crop both with our sheep and goats.  I didn't have to pull one lamb or  goat and not one is bottle fed although we had five sets of triplets.  All are very healthy and seem  to hit the ground when they are born --- running.  
The first thing the lambs and kids eat after mother's milk is kelp.  I have it free choice in mineral boxes and for them it seems it's like candy.
I'm convinced that the Ultra-Kelp TM makes a terrific difference and can strongly recommend it  to both sheep and goat growers.
As always - thank-you for your prompt service and excellent product.

Liz MacDonald, Missing Ewe Ranch



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